Customizing Your Books

A Word from BayYo:

“Fwens, at da back of da book are some tippy tips and advices for how to make da book your very own.  May want to read them before you alter your booky book in any way.”

Why didn’t we put them at the beginning?  Because once you’ve decided how to personalize your book, we want you to be able to get right to your story…time and time again.  

More ”thots” from BayYo:

“Fwens, started out to tell a different story, we did.  Started to write the story of BayYo and Doccy together. And still do that, we may.  But along da way, figgyured out (figured out) that we wanted just as much or more to help our fwens in da community doccyment (document) and share their own stories.  Dat’s where dese books come in.  

Dis a strange, magical, and unique moment in time, fwens.  History needs to know about us:  what we experienced, what we did, what we created and built, how we came together and helpy helped each other in da hard times, how we brought joy to our families, each other, and the world.  Dis our story together, fwens.  And each of us creates our own part.

Hopey hope, we do, that these booky books help da fwens to doccyment and share their own stories wif da world.  And to think of new ways to do this.  

Da books designed by Doccy to be used however you choose.  Use da prompts to talk aloud about you experiences.  Write dem down.  Draw piccys.  Print out photygraphies and sticky stick them to the pages (if dat works).  Or just relive all da good times in memory and imagination.  Whatever makes your heart sing, fwens. 

Whatever you do wif them, these books are here to help us always remember.

Every single one of you is special to us.  We wouldn’t be us without all of us.  
Hope you feel the same.  Hope you like what we do.  

Much Wuv, Fwens.  From BayYo.”