About the Book πŸ“– Our Galactic Community

Are you or were you part of an amazing community, online or off?
Our Galactic Community is a fun way to document your time in your community and preserve your memories.

Modeled on the principles of scrapbooks, family histories, and baby books for new parents, but with an intergalactic twist, Our Galactic Community includes captions, suggestions, and open spaces to help you create your own story and commemorate your good times within your community. With prompts like “A Great Event” and “Fwendship is Love,” this beautifully constructed hardcover book creates a wonderful backdrop for your recollections…and a starting place for your imagination.

Designed for the authors’ own social media community for adoptive parents of alien plush figures, this book is partly written in the speaking style of BayYo, an alien plush from beyond the stars, making it accessible to adults and children, humans and aliens alike.

While suitable for online and offline communities of all types, this book may be especially well suited for plush collectors and their communities, as well as fans of science fiction and fantasy books, movies, cosplay, toys, action figures, collectibles, and fandom itself. With childlike innocence and a loving heart, this book celebrates the ways in which our social media groups and fandom fams can become families in themselves.

Enjoy chronicling your out-of-this-world community adventures with Our Galactic Community!