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Our Unusual Families

A Tale of One Little Alien’s Unusual Families and a Celebration of Unusual Families Everywhere

Are you ready for an imaginative glimpse into life on Earth through alien eyes?  Then come along with BayYo and Doccy as they tell their tale!  

Join little alien BayYo and adoptive parent Doccy for “smol” adventures over land and sea, as well as life at home, in this all-ages picture book that embraces kindness, love, and the unexpected joys of being a little bit unusual.   

Available Now! ISBN: 978-1-7375420-4-9

Please order holiday gifts four to eight weeks early! BayYo wants everyone happy!

First Year on Earth

A Keepsake Book of Our Little Alien (A Baby Book for Your Adopted Intergalactic Child)

Finally, a baby book for baby aliens!

First Year on Earth is the place to record those landmark moments:  adoption details, first word, fave food…all the important memories!  This keepsake baby book constructed in children’s picture book style is a fun way to express creativity, document this unique time in galactic history, and tell the story of you and your alien together.  

Makes a great holiday gift paired with a little alien!

Currently available around the galaxy wherever books are sold.

Release Date: November 9, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7375420-1-8

Our Galactic Community

A Keepsake Book of Fwendship and Love

Are you or were you part of an amazing community, online or off? Our Galactic Community is a fun way to document your time in your community and preserve your memories.

Currently available around the galaxy wherever books are sold.

Release Date: September 17, 2021 ISBN: 978-1-7375420-0-1

Forthcoming Titles

in the

Our Galactic Memories Series

How We Became Us

A great choice for those with big galactic or intergalactic families!

Have you adopted a lot of aliens? If you can’t afford a baby book for each alien in your family or simply want to celebrate your whole galactic family in one place, this is the book is for you!

Coming in Early 2023 Pre-Orders December 2022

First Year on Earth

Like a baby book for your little aliens!
Preserve those first year memories!

Available now all over the galaxy through online book retailers.

Nuestra Comunidad Galáctica

The Spanish translation of Our Galactic Community!

Ofrecido como un tributo a nuestros muchos amigos y amigas y amigxs (“fwens”) de habla hispana y en celebración del vibrante sector de habla hispana de nuestra comunidad galáctica.
Viene en el 2023
(Thank you to Yoders & fam from @its.the.yoders for double-checking our Spanish, since we are still learning).

Offered as a tribute to our many Spanish-speaking friends and in celebration of the vibrant Spanish-speaking sector of our galactic community.
Coming in 2023

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