About the Book 📖 Our Unusual Families

Are you ready for an imaginative, colorful glimpse into life on Earth through alien eyes?  Then come along with BayYo and Doccy as they tell their tale!  

Join little alien BayYo and adoptive parent Doccy for “smol” adventures over land and sea, as well as life at home, in this all-ages picture book that embraces kindness, love, and the unexpected joys of being a little bit unusual.  

Our Unusual Families includes an afterword in which Doccy (the human behind BayYo and Doccy) talks about how life has changed since BayYo arrived on Earth and how one human’s own heart—and world—have been transformed by one little alien.

With childlike illustrations and an inspirational message, Our Unusual Families is truly a book for anyone and everyone.  Celebrate the unusual in all our families—personal, global, and galactic—alongside BayYo and Doccy in their first storybook together.  

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Note:  Our Unusual Families is written in the speaking style of BayYo, with unconventional spelling, sentence structure, and even the occasional misspelling.  These stylistic departures have been left in place to better convey BayYo’s voice and heart.