About the Book 📖 First Year on Earth

Finally, a baby book for adopted little aliens!

First Year on Earth is the place to record those landmark moments:  adoption details, first word, fave food…all the important memories!  This keepsake baby book constructed in children’s picture book style is a fun way to express creativity, document this unique time in galactic history, and tell the story of you and your little alien together.  

Do you have a small alien obsession?  Or do you know someone who does? You’re not alone!  Thousands —maybe millions— of warm, fun-loving people all over the world are buying tiny outfits, going on adventures, and stocking up on nuggies for their little green adoptees.  Now is the time to embrace that joy and help those little green ones spread happiness around the universe!

First Year on Earth is designed to enhance that journey.

First Year on Earth includes:

  • Pages for documenting life before your little alien’s arrival
  • Pages to record adoption details & story
  • Firsts and faves pages for celebrating special moments 
  • Pages to record life since the arrival of your little one and how you’ve changed
  • A narrative-like progression of pages, so the book can feel like the story of you
  • Suggestions from BayYo and Doccy for how to respond to the prompts and personalize the book

The pages themselves include backgrounds, prompts, and blank spaces to fill in with your own pictures, written or typed text, drawings…whatever suits you!  Or simply leave the book as-is and use it as an inspiration for your recollections.

Designed for the authors’ own social media community for adoptive parents of plush aliens, First Year on Earth is partly written in the speaking style of BayYo, an alien from a distant galaxy beyond the stars, making it accessible to adults and children, humans and aliens alike. While it has a space theme, it is not fandom specific.  Suitable for all types of intergalactic foundlings who have found their forever homes!

Enjoy chronicling your out-of-this-world adventures with First Year on Earth:  A Keepsake Book of Our Little Alien (A Baby Book for Your Adopted Intergalactic Child)!

And if you share your intergalactic antics on social media or in a group, you may also enjoy Our Galactic Community:  A Keepsake Book of Fwendship and Love.  

Want to spread the love even further?  These books make great gifts for friends or family members who have —or will have— little aliens of their own.  

Look for more titles in the Our Galactic Memories series from BayYo and Doccy soon!